The Purloined Séance / Sherlock Holmes Last Case



The Purloined Séance or Sherlock Holmes Last Case

Accident or Murder?  That is the question that plagues Lady Moriarty, the widow of Lord Moriarty, grandson of Sherlock Holmes’ greatest enemy! The police are convinced her husband’s death was an accident, however, Lady Moriarty knows it was murder. How can she prove it? Can she remain safe as she does so? And can you, the audience, remain safe since the murderer still lurks in the darkness… Psychic energy ebbs and flows as Madame Morganza and the Amazing Armando attempt to solve Lady Moriarty’s dilemma.  However, Death stalks the hapless Lady and who knows who will be the next to die… Can the case be cracked? Only you, and perhaps the inimitable Sherlock Holmes, can untangle the clues and bring closure to THE MYSTERY OF THE PURLOINED SÉANCE