Just One Of Those Things / Anything Goes

Just One Of Those Things or Anything Goes



The cast of COLE PORTER TODAY! has finally arrived;  they are performing in Los Angeles, California!

However, all is not well. The ingénue is chasing the leading man, the leading man is chasing the lovely ladies in the audience, and his wife is chasing them all.  While the director is trying to keep peace the pianist is playing on the cacophony of jealousy.  The squabbling of the cast reaches a fever pitch.  We soon discover that something’s afoot and that one of the actors has not a song, but murder, in his or her heart!

You’re the Top if you are brave and De-Lovely enough to come and join us as Anything Goes.  So Let’s Do It!  Let’s solve a murder while getting A Kick Out of Just One of Those Things!